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Tenerife, 24th of April, 2018

Dear Vajra Family,

As a result of a recent lung infection –  which was cured successfully, but requires a long rehabilitation – Rinpoche’s health condition during these last weeks has been unstable. This is associated with a state of substantial anemia which is slowing down Rinpoche’s convalescence.

For this reason, Rinpoche’s personal doctor has requested Him to be hospitalized in the clinic and then to spend a period of absolute rest at home with some light physical activity, as required by the rehabilitation therapy. Today Rinpoche came back from the clinic and started the period of rest at home.

Huge effort is put into facilitating Rinpoche’s recovery; a team of nurses is rotating to offer support and treatment when necessary, medical check-ups and physiotherapy treatments are given on a daily basis at home, whereas routine tests are carried out at the clinic every week.

Due to these recent events, we deeply apologize to all people who have worked unceasingly to organize public events abroad that Rinpoche will not be able to attend until His doctor will deem Him stable and fit to travel.

Rinpoche’s family and Dzamling Gar Gakyil


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