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An Open Letter From Chögyal Namkhai Norbu

An Open Letter To All Dzogchen Community
Chögyal Namkhai Norbu

After I returned from Rome to Tenerife, I went to the Via Adeje Clinic in Tenerife, where I had a health exam for two hours one morning. After the exam, my doctor told me that I should go to their Clinica Vida of North Tenerife.

We went to that clinic for three days. They checked all my body and did a very intensive cure on the second day. I felt completely cured and we returned to Dzamling Gar. After we returned, we went to visit my doctor each week. Each time we visited the doctor, I was checked again and again.

At Losar 2018 we started the Mandarava Drubchen. I prepared the teaching and the program, but when we arrived at almost a third of the Drubchen, my doctor said that I had to go to the Clinica Vida in North Tenerife again and that I had three weak points on my body. He also saw that I have a long travel program planned. He said that before we cured these three weak conditions and they were cured well, but this time we cannot let you leave and so for the reason, you should go to our Clinica Vida in North Tenerife, remaining for at least a week.

I went to the Clinica Vida, and many expert doctors took care of my three weak points: Heart, Kidney and Lungs. Each doctor was an expert in their field and they checked me for many days. After that week, I tried my best to follow the doctors’ advice. I remained at the Clinic for another week taking antibiotics and that became very heavy, day after day. My personal doctor said the antibiotics should be used correctly, otherwise it becomes disturbing for each of these three weak points. So that took another week. Finally they sent me back to Dzamling Gar.

I am still in my house, but there are two nurses and two doctors coming every day. When I arrived in Dzamling Gar, I still couldn’t move in a normal way. But day after day, I am normalizing and my energy is increasing quite quickly. I should still go to visit the Clinic and check my health every two weeks. The human body is very complicated.

During this period, you have written many emails to me. When I started to open them two days ago, I found my computer full of emails! It is impossible for me to read and reply to all of them, so I cancelled them. I am sorry. I am trying to reply to the whole Community with this communication and I hope it is not too long and complicated.

 With many Tashi Delegs,



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