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Conference on Presence and Awareness

In a world overburdened with movement, tension, and distraction, it is becoming increasingly essential that we find ways to relax, coordinate mind and energy. Recognizing the importance of harmonizing thought and feeling within the context of our complicated and multi faceted lives, Dzamling Gar, on belhalf the International Dzogchen Community and Shang Shung Foundation, is happy to organize this event. Instructors from the International Dzogchen Community will present brief talks on this subject and then give advice on how methods of practical training can be applied. Perspectives on this training will also be introduced by yoga and dance instructors. “Mindfulness”, rendered by Dzogchen Master Chögyal Namkhai Norbu as “presence”, is a means of bringing ones attention into the experience of the present moment. Many scientific studies have proven its benefits in improving general well-being, and mental and emotional health while eliminating stress and other causes of disease.
List of presenters and titles:
1. Elio Guarisco – Finding mindful presence in cognitive processes
2. Igor Legati – I like and I don’t like as the source of all our problems: the solution depends on ourselves, not on anything else.
3. Steven Landsberg – Presence, Well Being, and a Happy LIfe
4. Lukas Chmelik – Understanding and application of Presence and Awareness in meditation and daily life
5. Monica Gentile – Exploring our intention
6. Stoffelina Verdonk – What, why, how is Presence and Awareness? Calming the mind.
7. Igor Berkhin – What is mind?
8. Fabio Risolo – Introduction to Meditation
9. Oliver Leick – Presence and Awareness for Contemporary Youth
10. Patizia Pearl – Harmonious breathing
11. Fabio Andrico – Yantra yoga – Presence and Movement
12. Maaja Zelmin – Yantra yoga – Presence and Awareness in Yantrayoga
The event will be transmitted online via:


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