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Dzogchen Community Serbia

Master Namkhai Norbu, (1938-2018) eminent scholar of the Tibetan culture and profound guide to wise living, unique in the spiritual domain. In the course of years, his fame has become worldwide because of the extraordinary value of his research on the Tibetan culture and through his mastery of the ancient Dzogchen Atiyoga teaching, an authentic heritage of mankind, of which he was one of the great representatives.
For over fifty years Namkhai Norbu has dedicated his life as a master of the Dzogchen Atiyoga teaching – Atiyoga is a Sanskrit word meaning “total perfection” – to many thousands of people throughout the world eager to receive this knowledge. Dzogchen is aimed at the inner evolution of the individual. Entering the dimension of this teaching, individuals are encouraged to open their minds and nurture within themselves a wider and more positive vision of the world. “Total perfection” is the natural condition of each of us and if recognized naturally it leads to compassionate and nonviolent lives. The natural results of the practice of this path are spontaneous respect for others and a more generous and joyful existence.
Having understood the importance of this teaching for the West where the discovery of tools in order to live peacefully and in a relaxed way is of utmost concern, Master Namkhai Norbu has committed himself to transmit his knowledge, offering with profound competence and humanity his wisdom to all those were seeking his help. In order to maintain intact its original source, he has also done his best to preserve the Tibetan language and the numerous unique aspects of the Tibetan culture.
For Namkhai Norbu who has studied with great masters from an early age respecting the teaching’s transmission and lineage has always been of primary importance, at the same time adapting it to today’s circumstances and ways of seeing so that it may be accessible to an ever-growing number of people. 

Tribute to Chögyal Namkhai NorbuCHÖGYAL NAMKHAI NORBU (1938-2018) Founder of ASIA NGO, Shang Shung Institute, the ...
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